Take Control & Reduce Chronic Pain!

Learn how habitual postural & movement patterns lead muscular contractions to become subconscious and contribute to stiffness & chronic pain. And, more importantly, learn how to restore conscious awareness of muscular contractions and thereby reduce their associated chronic pain!

What do you get?

> a 30-minute easy-to-understand explanation of what somatics is and how & why it works

> a 60-minute video practice of fundamental but highly effective somatic exercises

> 2 supporting articles to reinforce the concepts

> access for a full year so you can do the practice again & again!

Be sure to have a bit of floor space available on a rug, yoga mat, or on a thick blanket & wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in for this extremely gentle, relaxing movement modality.

Suitable for anyone who can safely get down on the floor.

Green Light Reflex

Chronic contraction of back-body muscles.

Red Light Reflex

Chronic contraction of front-body muscles.

Trauma Reflex

Asymmetric chronic contraction of side-body muscles leading to tilting plus rotation.

Course Curriculum

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Course Investment

Pain Does NOT Need to be an Automatic Consequence of Aging!

Many people think aches & pains and stiffness are just inevitable parts of aging. They can be, but they do not have to be!

Learning & incorporating gentle but powerful somatic movements into your life can relieve chronic muscle tension that contributes to much chronic pain & stiffness.

And it's not just about living more comfortably. Left unresolved, chronic muscle contractions can pull you into misalignments or increase pressure on joints until irreversible wear & tear occurs.